Shrub And Rock Bed Weed Control


Tired of spending your weekends pulling unwanted weeds and grass out of the shrub or rock beds on your property? Keeping the landscaped bed areas of your property looking good takes a lot of time – time you could be using for other things.


What Can Be Done To Improve The Appearance Of These Landscaped Bed Areas?another shrub bed weed control

Warne Chemical’s shrub and rock bed weed control program is designed to control the weeds in these areas. The program consists of a treatment that kills unwanted grass and weeds present at the time of application, along with a pre-emergent product to control the germinating seed of future unwanted weeds or grasses.


Timing Of Application

The ideal time for the application is early in the growing season. On first year treatments it is best treated just shortly after the perennial grasses and weeds have started to green up, allowing for better control of the tougher-to-kill perennial plants. Once the perennials have been controlled, which may take more than one application depending on the severity of the perennial plant population, the following annual treatments can be done earlier in the season to control the annual grass and weeds before they germinate from seed.


foundation shrub bed weed control


Earlier in the spring is also an ideal time because moisture is needed in order to move the residual products into the soil profile where they become effective in controlling the germinating seed.

In situations where irrigation is not present, rain or snowfall is necessary to move the product into the soil profile. Approximately one inch of precipitation isnecessary for the product to become effective. If the application is done too late in the season, and therain has stopped falling on a regular basis, the results may be less than desirable.



Complications To The Effectiveness Of Shrub/Rock Bed Weed Controlpond3_op_800x603.jpg

  • Lack of adequate precipitation to move product into soil profile

  • Heavy down pour or irrigation directly after application resulting in residual to runoff site rather than penetrating into the soil profile

  • Plastic or fabric directly under the surface of the mulch or rock that alters the subsurface movement of the product away from the intended location


Weekends are for enjoyment, not pulling tedious and persistent weeds. Call Warne Chemical & Equipment Co to set up an application and take the pressure off of you!